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Emotionally Abusive Relationships

We’ve already mentioned that an emotionally abusive relationship generally has an identifiable pattern. And even the most powerful most wise women could fall into an emotionally abusive relationship if they’re not aware of it. So how does it all begin, and how could you end it?

Everything starts with you. Many women and males get involved in an emotionally abusive relationships because they don’t believe they deserve any better. When their significant other psychologically abuses them, they secretly think that they deserve it and they ought to be abused like this. Until you get rid of these beliefs and know that you deserve better, you are going to keep falling into this pattern.

Have boundaries. Should you not have limitations you won’t know when to inform your abusive companion to stop. And if you do not inform them to stop, they’ll maintain pushing it till you break down. If you are fortunate, they’ll just walk all over you and out of the romantic relationship. If you are not fortunate, they’ll walk all more than you and you will spin down into an emotionally abusive relationship.

Realize that it starts with a honey period. Like we said in the prior article, one reoccurring routine to emotionally abusive romantic relationship is that the abuser starts by wooing their partner, treating him like a king or treating her like a queen. And when the trap is set and you fall in love, the abusive behavior then starts.

Get out! In the very first abuse signs get out. This really is especially accurate if you sense it might grow into physical abuse. This goes back to knowing your boundaries. If you’ve set limitations and your partner has crossed them, you will know how you can manage this. But, if like we mentioned earlier you still have this inner belief that you do not deserve any better then look for assistance.

Seek assistance. Speak to friends, look for a therapist, and get some counseling. What ever it is do it before it escalates and you find you dug your self inside a hole you can’t get out of. There’s no shame in asking for assistance. That’s what friends, loved ones and councilors are for.

To your great emotional health.

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